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JCA Faculty & Staff

Jadean Stricker
JCA Principal
Dr. Cathy Potter
Assistant Principal
Middle School Teacher
Mychie Layne
Early Education Administrator
Carolyn Garcia
Middle School Teacher
Jessecah Rivera
Administrative Assistant
Ana Marie Giraldo
K1 Teacher
Belinda Fountain
K2 Teacher
Rhonda Anernethy
K3 Teacher
Cathy Odom
K4A Lead Teacher
Etiane Vieira
K4A Aide
Michaela Stackhouse
K4B Teacher
Sherine Matthews
K5 Teacher
Aimee Parish
1st Grade Teacher
Faith Leonard
1st Grade Co-Teacher
June Olinger
2nd Grade Teacher
Jessica Alexander
3rd Grade Teacher
Kristen Stevens
4th Grade Teacher
Jarra Williams
5th Grade Teacher
Lynn Ferguson
Middle School Science
April Eiland
Middle School Bible
Felicity Turner
Teacher Aide
Peggy Akerman
Title One Reading Specialist
Debbie Stanquist
Title One Reading Specialist
Beverly Zeliff
Michael McCoy
Theater Teacher
Alex Vieira
Music Teacher & Creative Arts Director
Megan Furgeson
Art Teacher
Mark Savage
Children's Pastor
Jason Cox
Middle School Pastor
Heather Lavender
Kitchen Supervisor

Lead Pastors
Len & Pamela Ballenger

  • Jubilee Christian Academy is dedicated to finding the best faculty possible in order to create the right atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Because our programs and needs are constantly changing, we are always looking for new members of the JCA family. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please fill out our Faculty Application.